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University of Dayton: Presidents

University of Dayton Presidents

The president of the University of Dayton has been integral to the University's continued growth and improvement since its foundation in 1850. Beginning with the Reverend Leo Meyer, who purchased 120 acres of farmland from John Stuart to found St. Mary's School for Boys, the office has been held by exceptional leaders. Brother Zehler led the University during the "brick and mortar" era when the school experienced rapid construction and expansion. Reverend Roesch guided the school through the upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s and added numerous academic programs. Brother Fitz, in turn, helped the school achieve recognition as one of the top Catholic universities in the nation. Following in this proud tradition, the current and eighteenth president, Dr. Daniel Curran, UD's first lay president, led the University through the acquisition of the former National Cash Register world headquarters. UD's presidents have been committed to growth and improvement while overseeing all major university operations. As the University continues to grow, the president will remain at the forefront, guiding the school through the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Materials in the University Archives

Visit the University Archives to access records pertaining to the Office of the President. Please note that some papers are restricted and require permission to access. However, the following records are available to all researchers:

  • President's Annual Report
  • President's Newsletter (1969-1979)
  • President's Message (1981- )
  • President's addresses to the faculty
  • Files for recognition dinners
  • Photographs
  • Publications by various presidents
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