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University of Dayton: The First Five

Zehler Hall, 1865

  • Built in 1865
  • Originally called "Normal School"
  • Named after Brother Maximin Zehler
  • Saved from fire in 1883
  • Oldest standing building on campus

Liberty Hall, 1866

  • Built in 1866
  • Originally served as the Brothers' residence, called "The Home"
  • Also served as the infirmary
  • Nicknamed Liberty Hall during WWI and the name stuck
  • Oldest building on campus in its original form
  • Today Liberty Hall houses the Campus Ministry Offices

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, 1869

  • Groundbreaking: 1868
  • Dedication: June 24, 1869
  • Pulpit handcarved by Mr. Auer of Dayton
  • Renovated in the early 1970s (Vatican II): The murals, side altars, main marble altar, stations of the cross, and pews were removed
  • Dome is a landmark in Dayton
  • First wedding: June 1, 1963

St. Mary's Hall, 1871

  • Completed: May 1, 1871
  • Architect: Brother Zehler collaborated with Fr. Reinbolt
  • Designed and built by: Marianist Brothers
  • Called:  Zehler's Folley" because of its size
  • Provided dorm accomodations, dining facilities, classrooms, offices and a library
  • During 1913 Flood it housed refugees
  • At one time there were water tanks on the roof of St. Mary's with water being pumped from Rubicon Stream (current site of Baujan Field)
  • Listed on National Register of Historic Places
  • Today St. Mary's houses the office of the bursar, human resources, Flyers First, President and Provost.

Rike Center for Fine Arts 1874

  • Built in 1874
  • Formerly the Play House, Gymnasium, Women's Gym, and Chemistry Building
  • Rallies, convocations, theatrical events, and athletic contests were held here
  • 1883: Second floor served as dormitory and classrooms when convent was destroyed by fire
  • 1977: Top of building torn off (women's gym)
  • Became Rike Center for Performing Arts in 1978 (named after Rike family who donated funds)


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