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University of Dayton: School of Engineering

Deans of the School of Engineering

Brother Adam Hoffman

Bernard T. Schad, S.M (1937-1938)

Matthias E. Haas, S.M. (1939-1946)

Austin Joseph Holian S.M. (1947-1948)

Jerome H. Parr, S.M. (1948-1957)

J. Albert Wehrle, S.M. (1950-1954)

Maurice R. Graney, S.M. (1956-1974)

David C. Kraft (1973-1979)

Russell A. Primrose (1979-1985)
Gordon A. Sargent (1986-1992)

Joseph L. Lestingi (1993-1996)

Blake E. Cherrington (1997-2003)

Tony Saliba (2003-)


History of the School of Engineering

The University of Dayton School of Engineering was first organized in September of 1910 with the first degrees in chemical and electrical engineering conferred in 1914.  In 1940, the School of Engineering was recognized by the licensing board of Professional Engineering in Ohio and included the departments of civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  Today the school offers undergraduate programs in civil, chemical, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as various engineering technology courses along with numerous graduate programs leading to a master's or doctorate.

Mission Statement: The mission of the School of Engineering is to educate complete professionals who have integrated knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering together with an equally strong understanding of the arts and sciences that will prepare them for fulfilling careers of leadership, service, and life-long learning for the good of society.

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Visit the University of Dayton Archives to gain access to

  • Publications including: Engineer (1960-1989), Engi-news (1960-1962), and Dayton Engineer (1996-)
  • Individual department files including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial and systems engineering, engineering technology, and graduate engineering programs
  • Reports
  • Catalogues
  • Graduate engineering programs
  • Photographs
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