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University of Dayton: 1880-1960

St. Joseph Hall 1884

  • Built in 1884
  • Fire destroyed Stuart Mansion on current site of St. Joseph Hall on Dec. 27, 1856.  Convent built on this site in 1857 and was destroyed by fire in 1883
  • Architect: Brother J. Senentz
  • Built with lumber from Nazareth property and bricks were passed by hand from the nearby brickworks
  • 1911: second, third, and fourth floors remodeled for dormitories with private rooms (no longer used as a dorm with the construction of Stuart Hall in 1964)
  • December 22, 1987: Fire guts building
  • 1989: Rededicated after rebuilding

Powerhouse 1898

  • Groundbreaking: 1898
  • Dedication: December 8, 1898
  • Heat and electric light plant built with tunnels to various buildings.  Digging was done by scholastics, novices, and postulants during vacations
  • Laundry and showerbaths on second floor
  • Today the Powerhouse houses campus print and copy services and dining services

Heritage Center 1903

  • Built in 1903
  • Formerly known as the Men's Lavatory, Crystal Palace, Carpentry Shop, and Post Office (1959-2004)
  • 2007: renovated from Post Office to Heritage Center, which showcased the University of Dayton's Marianist Heritage 
  • September 2017: the Heritage Center transformed to the Heritage Coffee Shop, part of Flyer Enterprises

Chaminade Hall 1904

  • Built in 1904
  • Groundbreaking: 1904
  • Completed: 1905
  • Named after Father Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary
  • Housed the Central Library until 1916
  • Brother Paul's student cafeteria in the Arcade until 1962
  • Housed the bookstore until 2004
  • Closed in 2014 because it did not meet safety standards; the School of Education & Allied Professions moved to Fitz Hall 
  • Spring of 2018: Chaminade Hall Vision Committee was formed

Arcade 1904

  • Used to be attached to Chaminade 
  • Built in 1904, along with Chaminade Hall 
  • Connected Chaminade to St. Mary's 
  • Housed Brother Paul's student cafeteria until 1962; transferred to office space
  • Demolished in 2014 to make green space 


Alumni Hall 1924

Alumni Hall
  • Groundbreaking: June 12, 1922
  • Dedication: September 28, 1924
  • First Mass celebrated in the chapel dedicated to "Our Lady of Good Counsel" on October 7, 1924
  • Originally built as a residence hall, then in the 1950s transferred to a space for the Marianist Community 
  • Now includes the Honors Program, Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center,
    Women's Center, and Women's and Gender Studies Program


Albert Emanuel Hall 1927

  • Groundbreaking: April 11, 1927
  • Dedication: June 10, 1928
  • Architect: Howard W. Germann
  • Money donated by Victor Emanuel, a Jewish philanthropist and alumni, in honor of his father
  • Originally functioned as the University Library and then the Law School (1970)
  • First home of the Marian Library (1945) and the Women's College (1935)
  • Today it is home to the Welcome Center and University Archives

Mechanical Engineering Building 1949

  • Built in 1949
  • Old R.O.T.C. drill hall
  • The skeleton of wooden trusses of this building were moved from Camp Peary, Williamsburg, Virginia (old barracks of an Army Camp in W. VA).  Donated by US Government
  • Demolished in 2009

O'Reilly Hall 1951

  • Built in 1951
  • Groundbreaking: January 18, 1951
  • Dedication: March 31, 1952
  • Originally built for the R.O.T.C. program and called the R.O.T.C. building 
  • Today the first floor houses the administrative offices for the College of Arts and Sciences,
    while the lower floor houses the R.O.T.C. program


Wohlleben Hall 1958

  • Built in 1958
  • Groundbreaking: July 18, 1957
  • Dedication: April 12, 1958
  • Architect: Freeman Pretzinger
  • Named after Dr. William J. Wohlleben, retired chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 2003: renovation along with Sherman Hall-connected to become the Science Center
  • Today Wohlleben Hall houses the departments of chemistry and geology as well as the premedicine program

Sherman Hall 1959

  • Built in 1959
  • Groundbreaking: December 5, 1957
  • Dedication: May 5, 1960
  • Architect: Freeman Pretzinger
  • Contractor: B.G. Danis
  • Named in honor of John Q. Sherman, founder and President of Standard Register Co.
  • 2003: renovation along with Wohlleben Hall-connected to become the Science Center
  • Today Sherman Hall houses the departments of biology, mathematics, and physics
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