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University of Dayton: College of Arts and Sciences

Deans of the College of Arts and Sciences

Reverend John L. Ott, S.M. (1937-1938)

Reverend Francis J. Friedel, S.M. (1939-1944; 1951-1954)

Reverend Henry J. Kobe, S.M. (1944-1945; 1947-1951)

Reverend Edmund L. Rhodes, S.M. (Acting Dean 1954-1955; Dean 1956-1959)

Reverend Raymond A. Roesch (1958-1959)

Reverend George B. Barrett, S.M. (1959-1961)

Leonard Andrew Mann, S.M. (1962-1982, 85, 86, 88)

Francis M. Lazarus (1982-1990)

Charles J. Chantell (Interim Dean 1989-1992)

Paul J. Morman (1993-2003)

Paul H. Benson (2003-)

History of the College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Dayton College of Arts and Sciences was first established under the collegiate department with the St. Mary's Institute Catalogue 1890-1891 mentioning the requirements for the degree Bachelorship of Science with the first degree conferred in 1891.  In 1896 a schedule was drawn up for the degree of Bachelor of Arts and the 1900-1901 St. Mary's Institute Catalogue mentions the graduation of six students with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  In 1908-1909 the degree Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Letters, and Bachelor of Science were offered.  In 1910 the College of Arts and Letters was established and five years later it was changed to the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences.  In 1928 the name was officially changed to the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Mission Statement: The College of Arts and Sciences is at the center of a diverse community that is the University of Dayton.  We are a liberal arts college that flourishes within the broader context of a comprehensive university.  We are committed to lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal growth through learning in the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

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