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EDT 411/413/511/544: Social Studies Methods


Welcome to the UD Libraries' course guide for EDT 411/413/511/544: Social Studies Methods. Navigate the tabs to find sources that will help you build your own knowledge and teach Ohio's Learning Standards for Social Studies. 

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Interdisciplinary Sources

Library Resources and the IDM

IDM on left with arrows pointing to resource types for the compelling question and featured sources sections.

You'll find a few different kinds of library resources in this research guide. Some resources can help you build your own understanding of a social studies topic and develop a compelling question; other resources can help your students build their understandings and practice the work of historians and social scientists. The graphic above and the table below map these types of resources to the Inquiry Design Model (IDM).

IDM section Library Resources
Compelling Question

Build your understanding with scholarly sources to develop a compelling question that reflect the interests of students and the curriculum and content with which students might have little experience.

Resource types:

  • Academic encyclopedias
  • Books
  • Scholarly journal articles
Featured Sources

Find disciplinary sources for your students to use in building their understandings of the compelling and supporting questions and to practice the work of historians and social scientists.

  • Primary sources (e.g., original documents, maps, statistics, art, photographs, etc. from the time or moment being studied)
  • Scholarly articles
  • Books


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