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EDT 411/413/511/544: Social Studies Methods

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Primary Sources

Primary sources are the "raw materials" of history, which might include: 

  • original documents
  • art
  • photographs
  • maps
  • statistics

These are important sources for students to use as they practice the work of historians and social scientists and build their understandings of compelling and supporting questions.

Libraries, archives, museums, and government organizations often have high quality primary sources which could be used in the classroom. The research guides linked below have suggestions for where to look for primary resources and images online.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources retell, analyze, discuss, or interpret events. Secondary sources for K-5 students might include developmentally appropriate books and articles. 

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) on the sixth floor of Fitz Hall includes a diverse collection of children's books that could be great disciplinary sources for K-5 students. 

Find articles about a topic from credible children's magazines and encyclopedias. The databases and encyclopedias below are suggested resources for these types of sources. 

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