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News Reading and Writing

This guide provides links to campus subscriptions to various news sources and the AP Stylebook.

Flyer PR Research Sources


  1. Click on the Reference Solutions link.
  2. Click the green Search button under U.S. businesses.
  3. Click on the Advanced Search tab.
  4. The left hand menu has all of the filters available. Go to the header "Business Type" and click the checkbox next to Keyword/SIC/NAICS.
  5. Since we know the specific SIC codes we're looking for, enter the 4-digit number in one of the small boxes at the bottom of the window.
    1. 2711 (Newspapers) 2721 (Magazines) and 7313 (Radio/TV).
  6. Now we're going to add another filter to our search. Under "Geography" click the box next to City/State.
  7. Here you can select Ohio from the list.
  8. Click Update Count to check on the number, and then click View Results.
  9. You can download 50 records by clicking the checkbox next to Company Name, going to another page of results and clicking the box again. Once you've marked 50 records you can click the blue Download button at the top.
  10. Select Comma Delimited, that might be easier to convert or paste into a collaborative Google Sheet. Select Detailed so you see all of the data available. Click the Download Records button.

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