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News Reading and Writing

This guide provides links to campus subscriptions to various news sources and the AP Stylebook.

Read the Dayton Daily News

Access World News, a service of the University Libraries, includes the full-color digital paper edition of the Dayton Daily News from 2018 to today.

UD students, faculty and staff can access the paper to read an issue and by signing up for email alerts. You can select the email frequency.

screen shot of link that says create alert

Our subscription does not include access to online-only DDN content or the DDN app. 

Access World News also includes:

  • 12,000 total sources with 100+ Ohio publications and representation from 200 countries.

  • 300+ full-color PDF newspapers with same-day delivery from around the globe.

  • Seamless integration with library databases and discovery tools such as UDiscover.

  • Diverse news media such as trade journals, video and audio files, broadcast transcripts and web-only content.

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