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E-Books at the University of Dayton

How to find and access e-books (and print books) at the University of Dayton.

Reading, Downloading & Borrowing E-Books

  • Reading and downloading: The majority of e-books can be read within a web browser, or they can be downloaded as a PDF file and read in Adobe Acrobat Reader. In other cases, an e-book will require the installation of Adobe Digital Editions.

  • User limits: Most e-books provided by UD Libraries do not have any restrictions in terms of the number of users or the number of pages that can be downloaded/printed. That being said, there are two prominent collections of e-books offered which do have restrictions and often require accounts to download full text: EBSCO's eBook Collection and ProQuest's Ebook Central. Certain e-books in both platforms have user limits, which means that these titles will sometimes be unavailable because another UD user is already reading it. This does not mean that you won't be able to eventually read the e-book; it simply means that you will have to wait. To help users navigate these two platforms, we've created in-depth instructions on how to access and download available content. Please explore them to learn more:

  • What to do when the e-book isn't available at all: If another Library owns the e-book you want, it may be possible to request a copy of a chapter or portion of the e-book. Please visit our page on OhioLINK and Interlibrary Loan to learn more.

  • Logging in to access O'Reilly Safari Books Online (from either on-campus or off-campus) is very different from how UD users authenticate to access nearly all other platforms. Please view the page within this section for detailed instructions on how to log on to the platform.

Printing E-Books

In general, each e-book provider has different restrictions on printing. Some publishers permit downloading portions of an e-book for printing or reading later. Other publishers may only allow reading online with no options to print.

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