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E-Books at the University of Dayton

How to find and access e-books (and print books) at the University of Dayton.

Call Numbers & Floors

University libraries uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. This system organizes books and other library materials by subject, to make it easier for you to browse the shelves for materials on a specific topic. Library of Congress call numbers always begin with letters of the alphabet. This system is organized into 21 main classes which are designated by letters of the alphabet.

Each book is given a unique call number chosen according to the LC system, and the books are arranged on the shelves in order by that call number. The partial outline below may be useful for browsing the shelves:

  • A-- General Works (5th Floor)

  • B--Philosophy, Psychology, Religion (6th Floor)

  • C--Auxiliary Sciences of History (4th Floor)

  • D--History of Europe, Asia and Africa (4th Floor)

  • E & F--History of America (4th Floor)

  • G--Geography, Anthropology, Recreation (4th Floor)

  • H--Social Sciences (5th Floor)

  • J--Political Sciences (6th Floor)

  • K--Law (6th Floor)

  • L--Education (6th Floor)

  • M--Music (6th Floor)

  • N--Fine Arts (6th Floor)

  • P--Language and Literature (5th Floor)

  • Q--Science (4th Floor)

  • R--Medicine (4th Floor)

  • S--Agriculture (4th Floor)

  • T--Technology (4th Floor)

  • U--Military Science (5th Floor)

  • V--Naval Science (5th Floor)

  • Z--Bibliography, Library Science (5th Floor)

Prefer visual aids? Please see our page with floor maps.

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