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E-Books at the University of Dayton

How to find and access e-books (and print books) at the University of Dayton.

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central includes thousands of titles. These titles operate on the "library check-out" model, where readers who want to download the entire e-book have to check it out for a specified amount of time. There are also options to download individual chapters or page ranges of the e-book, and these features do not have a time limit. The following page provides a detailed overview of how to access, download, and save individual e-books within this vast collection.

Option #1 - Viewing in Browser & Downloading Individual Chapters

  • Many e-books within ProQuest's Ebook Central will not have any restrictions on the number of users. Below is an example of a ProQuest e-book with no user restrictions: 
  • Sometimes there will be restrictions on the number of books available for use--meaning if a student has accessed the book, then the book will be temporarily unavailable to other users until that copy is returned by the student. Below is an example of ProQuest e-book with user restrictions: 
  • Viewing the full text: the full text of an e-book can be viewed within a browser window (as pictured below). This window also allows for downloading the full text (by selecting the download icon or the PDF icon) and for browsing within the "Table of Contents" section towards the left-side of the screen.
  • Downloading the full text: individual chapters can be downloaded within eBook Central by selecting the "Download PDF" link from the table of contents, as pictured here:
  • Selecting "Download PDF" will prompt a pop-up window (as pictured below). To download the chapter, you will need to sign in using a ProQuest account. If you don't already have an account, select "Create Account." This process is straightforward; all it requires is entering a username and password. 
  • After your account is created (or if you already have an account), you can enter your username and password, as pictured here:
  • Once you've registered and signed in, select the "Download" link, picture here:

Option #2 - Downloading the Entire Book

  • Users have the option to download the entire book. To so, select the link labelled "Download Book," as shown here:
  • Upon selecting this button, a pop-up window will open and require you to sign in. Once signed in, select from the options provided. The window will ask you whether you are using a public computer or a personal device. Click "Continue" when done.

  • To make sure you have the correct software installed, the pop-up window will provide the option to download and install "Adobe Digital Editions." If you have not yet installed this program, please do so.
  • Once Adobe Digital Editions has been installed, proceed with downloading the book. Typically, the title can be downloaded in the "EPUB" or "PDF" format, as pictured below. Once you've selected your preferred format, click the teal "Download" button:

What to Do When a ProQuest E-Book is Unavailable

  • Note: If another user has already downloaded an e-book with a limited number users, then the following page might appear when you try to download, letting you know that "this book is not available for download." What this means is that the book is not currently available for download, but please note that it will be available for download within 24 hours.
  • Below is an additional screenshot showing how the page for the e-book indicates when the title will be available again. Note: there is no way to place holds for ProQuest e-books.
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