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OhioLINK is a partnership of over 100 academic libraries across Ohio that share resources with each other. If you need a book or other library item that's not available from the UD Libraries (whether it's checked out, or we just don't own it), you can request it from a participating OhioLINK institution. 

How to Request Resources from OhioLINK:

1. Search for a book or other item in the search bar below or the UD Libraries' catalog. On the record page for that item, click "Search OhioLINK." If we don't own the item, "Search OhioLINK" will appear in the list of possible results.

2. Clicking "Search OhioLINK" will take you to the catalog page for the item in the OhioLINK catalog. You can view which universities own the item, and request it by clicking the green "Request" button.

3. On the next page, select your school or institution by choosing "University of Dayton." Click "Submit above information."

4. On the next page, enter your name and University of Dayton ID number, and change the pickup location to Roesch Library.

5. Click Submit, and you're done! The item should arrive within a few days. It'll be delivered to Roesch Library, and you'll be notified when it comes in so that you can pick it up.

Search OhioLINK

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