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Using Databases for Your Research

Comprehensive overviews of how to search in popular databases provided by UD. Especially useful for anyone relying on these platforms for long-term research projects.

Which Database(s) Should I Use for My Project?

  • Selecting the most appropriate databases for your research is highly important when trying to find what's been published on your topic.

  • If you're not sure which database to use, UD Libraries provides a selection of core databases. These are deemed the most relevant for any project and are chosen out of our full listing of 300+ databases. We also provide overviews of recommended databases for scientific researchers, humanities researchers, and social science researchers.

  • For our entire list of over 300+ options, please visit our database a-z list. This list will allow you to search by database keyword or by subject area. To find relevant databases for your work, please read the descriptions.

  • Note: it is almost always advisable to search across multiple databases for any long-term research project, literature review, or systematic review. Searching in multiple places helps ensure that you are fully identifying what's been published on your topic, since no single database is able to index every single publication.

  • Still not certain on which database to use for your topic? You have a couple of useful options for help:

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