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Streaming Video

How to find and access streaming video titles (and DVDs) at the University of Dayton.

Requesting Streaming Video Titles for Instruction


UD users may request film activation for use with classes through the form on the Kanopy website.

If a user clicks on a film that is not activated, they will see a page letting them know that the film is not currently available to view, as well as a form they can submit to request access to the film.

screen capture of kanopy request form


Faculty may also request films to license through SWANK. Faculty can go to the SWANK website and create an instructor account and login. Once logged in, they can browse and request titles.

screencapture of how to request a title in SWANK films (as a faculty member)

Looking for a title not available in SWANK or in Kanopy? please don't hesitate to contact us directly to explore additional options for the title you're interested in!

Timeline for Requests

Please allow 2 business days to process Kanopy and SWANK requests. Films licensed through other platforms may take up to 2 weeks to process. Please keep these timelines in mind when planning your course curriculum.

Please Keep in Mind . . .

While we try to accommodate all requests, we simply cannot license every film. Reasons that prevent us from licensing content include:

  • Cost. The individual film title might be prohibitively expensive for us to license.

  • The title may be unavailable in streaming format, or it may be only available to stream/rent on commercial platforms (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc). This type of commercial streaming platform typically does not license any of their content to academic libraries, and copyright prevents the use of these platforms in the classroom.

  • The title may no longer be available to license in streaming format. Some films will disappear from streaming video websites after a certain period of time, and be unavailable for purchase going forward.

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