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Streaming Video

How to find and access streaming video titles (and DVDs) at the University of Dayton.

Searching for Movies at UD

In general, there are two ways to locate available films to stream. You can:

The benefit to searching within the library catalog or UDiscover is that it allows you to search across multiple collections. The disadvantage to searching within the catalog or UDiscover is that it doesn't always accurately index all available films. This disadvantage occurs because in a small number of platforms the titles might change routinely (this can be the case with Kanopy). For this reason, we encourage users to look within a handful of major platforms if they wish to see what titles we provide. These collections provide a similar user experience to commercial products such as Netflix or HBO Max, where the user can scroll through a selection of available titles.

Catalog Search Tips (for Streaming Media)

  • If you want to limit your search to only videos in the catalog, then it's best to begin your search from the Advanced Search page of the catalog. Under the "Material Type" section, select the "Streaming Video" and "Video Recording" options, as pictured here:  
screenshot of advanced searching for library streaming content - selecting the format
  • Once you've entered your search, you can confirm that an item is an streaming video by the following icon:
advanced searching for library streaming content - how to identify the online video icon in the catalog
  • To verify whether an item is a physical DVD or VHS, look for the same video icon without the "e", along with a small table outlining the item's location, call number, and availability status, as pictured here:
advanced searching for library streaming content - identifying DVDs
  • To view a streaming title, click on the title of the search result, in this case you would select "Ken Burns the Central Park five":
searching for a video title in the library catalog by title
  • Within the record for an individual streaming video, the film can be accessed by selecting the link towards the center of the screen that is labelled something along the lines of "Connect to resource online." The following screenshot highlights this type of link:
screenshot of how to access the film in the catalog

Limiting Results in UDiscover

Within UDiscover, limiting the search results is the easiest way to locate streaming videos and/or DVDs. As pictured here, the "Videos" filter is located towards the left side of the screen:

screenshot showing how to limit UDiscover search results to only include videos

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