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Streaming Video

How to find and access streaming video titles (and DVDs) at the University of Dayton.

Embedding Video in Isidore

If you use videos in your course on a weekly basis, embedding them into a weekly lesson plan is the best way to ensure your students find the content easily at the right time. In fact, this allows you to embed them in context--something which students might appreciate because it allows them to view the videos in context with the week’s topics, readings, and resources.

To add multimedia within Isidore:

  1. Navigate to the desired Lessons page. Click Add Content and select Embed Audio, Video, or Image.

  2. Next, select the Or add a URL or "embed code" box.

  3. Enter the embed code provided by the relevant streaming platform (see instructions below for more info).

  4. Once the embed code has been entered, click Save.

In many cases, you will need to adjust the size of the box in which the content is shown. Use Edit (pencil and paper icon) to make adjustments. More info can be found on UD's eLearning Wiki page on the topic.

Pulling Embed Codes from Specific Streaming Platforms

Most of our streaming platforms allow users to pull "embed codes," making it possible to add videos to individual UD Isidore course pages (as described above). Explore the following instructions for how to pull the embed codes within different platforms:

  • Kanopy

    • Open Kanopy and select your preferred video.

    • Do not start playing the video. Instead, scroll down on the info page about the video. Towards the bottom, there will be a details section with a tab titled "Share." Click ths "Share" button select the "Copy Link" option for the "Embed This Video" section. This will copy the embed code that appears in the box, which can then be added to Isidore using the instructions above.

Kanopy how to embed video screenshot
  • SWANK Films

    • SWANK does not allow for embedding films.

    • They do allow for linking to the film directly. To select direct links for individual films: select your preferred video, click "Share" beneath the Swank video player, and copy the "Direct Link" option.

  • Films on Demand

    • Open Films on Demand and select your preferred video.

    • Click on "Share" below the video player.

    • Click on "Embed/Link" tab within the pop-up window that opens and copy the embed code.

  • DocuSeek

    • Open Docuseek and select your preferred video.

    • Click the Embed link beneath the video player.

    • Copy the embed code that appears in the box.

  • Alexander Street Video Platforms

    • Open an Alexander Street Video collection (example, Filmakers Library Online) and and select your preferred video.

    • Click on the "share" link and select the "via embed code" option. From the options provided, select the "Copy" button to select the code.

How to Link to Streaming Titles within Isidore

When linking to streaming videos provided by UD Libraries, make sure to copy what's known as a "permanent link" to avoid the link expiring.

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