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Experiential Learning


Welcome to the University of Dayton Office of Experiential Learning Resource Guide! This guide is intended to help faculty, staff, and students find applications of experiential learning.  The Office of Experiential Learning is committed to cultivating high-impact experiential learning opportunities, and this guide is a tool to support educators and students as they develop and implement their own opportunities.

This guide includes a variety of journal articles, books, and websites regarding experiential learning.  Under the Table of Contents, you will first find ‘What is EL?’, which contains information about experiential learning in a broad sense. Next, we at the OEL have compiled a brief list of the most prominent experiential learning resources.  To keep up with the latest publications on experiential learning, see the next category ‘Most Recent’.  For a more extensive list, continue down the table of contents where you will find a continuation of the ways that experiential learning can be integrated into education.  For quick access, click on the links in the table of contents.  If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you have any questions about this guide, contact the Office of Experiential Learning at, or visit the university's library help page for assistance with research. 

2021-2022 Reading List


Case studies from the University of Dayton.  Collection edited by Karen Velasquez Lovett.

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