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Convenient examples of how to format references and in-text citations in APA Style.

References & Bibliography: APA 7th Edition

  • Book:

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Title and subtitle italicized. Publisher.

Example: King, B. J. (2017). Personalities on the plate: The lives and minds of animals we eat. University of Chicago Press.

  • Anthology/Book Chapter:

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Selection title. In Initials, Editor Last Name (Eds.), Book Title italicized (page numbers). Publisher.

Example: Board, J. (2016). The paradox of right and wrong. In R. Bolden, M. Witzel, & N. Linacre (Eds.), Leadership paradoxes: Rethinking leadership for an uncertain world (pp. 131-150). Routledge.

  • Article:

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Article title. Journal Title italicized, volume number italicized(issue number), page numbers. Digital Object Identifier.

Example: Mitchell, T. (2002). McJihad: Islam in the U.S. global order. Social Text, 20(4), 1-18.

  • Website:

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials or Sponsor Organization. (Date). “Page title.” Website Title italicized. URL.

Example: Lipson, C. (2010). “Advice on getting a good recommendation.”

Source: Lipson, C. (2018). Cite right: A quick guide to citation styles- MLA, APA, Chicago, the sciences, professions, and more (3rd ed.). The University of Chicago Press.

In Text Citations

  • Citation Using a Signal Phrase:

Gitlin (2001) pointed out that “political critics, convinced that the media are rigged against them, are often blind to other substantial reasons why their causes are unpersuasive” (p. 141).

  • Parenthetical Citation:

If the author is not named in a signal phrase, end the sentence with the author’s last name, the year, and page numbers in parentheses. (Gitlin, 2001, p. 141)

  • Multiple Authors:

A recent study has suggested that many women do not negotiate their salaries and pay raises as vigorously as their male counterparts do (Babcock & Laschever, 2003).

  • Unknown Author:

The employment profiles for this time period substantiated this trend (Federal Employment, 2001).

Source: Lunsford, A. A. (2009). The everyday writer (4th ed.). Bedford/St. Martin's.

APA Style

Consult the APA Manual, which can be found on the first floor of Roesch Library in the reference section. 

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