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Theses and Dissertations Guide: For Engineering Students

Everything you need to know about submitting a thesis or dissertation at the University of Dayton.

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For Students in the School of Engineering

*All theses and dissertations should be sent to electronically for a format check at least one week prior to the final submission date. This will prevent the unnecessary reprinting of documents or other delays if errors in formatting are found.

School of Engineering students should submit their finalized thesis or dissertation to their respective departments.  If the student wants to have one or more commercially bound copies, they must submit a paper copy for each bound copy desired to Graduate Academic Affairs (St. Mary's Hall, Room 200). Up to three bound copies may be requested at no additional charge. Additional copies may be bound for a nominal fee.

Optional LaTeX Template with Accessibility Update

An optional LaTeX template has been provided by the School of Engineering. Please consult your thesis committee for assistance, if needed. The Libraries do not provide training or support for LaTeX.

Please convert any LaTeX document to PDF before submitting to Graduate Academic Affairs.

Find out more about LaTeX at

Sample Approval Page

All School of Engineering graduate students should construct their approval page according to the attached sample. If you have questions or concerns about constructing this page, please contact the administrative assistant in your department.

See the Sample Pages tab for information about constructing other preliminary pages.

Delaying Publication

Delaying Electronic Publication of a Thesis or Dissertation

In some circumstances, a student may wish to delay the electronic publication of a thesis or dissertation. While the University generally promotes the publication of theses and dissertations as quickly as possible, it is recognized that under certain circumstances, a delay is warranted. These may include: when the student wishes to publish an article from the thesis or dissertation in a journal whose policy is not to publish material that has already been published electronically; when the student wishes to publish the thesis or dissertation with a publisher whose policy is not to publish material that has already been published electronically; or, when the student is in the process of applying for a patent on research contained in the thesis or dissertation and does not wish to disclose its contents until a patent application has been filed.

With approval from his or her thesis/dissertation advisor and program director, a student may delay publication of their thesis or dissertation for one or two years. Under no circumstances may publication be indefinitely or permanently delayed.

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