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Theses and Dissertations Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about submitting a thesis or dissertation at the University of Dayton.

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For more information, see the OhioLINK ETD Center FAQ page at:

Q. Can I submit my manuscript in paper to fulfill my graduation requirement?

A. No. All UD theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically via the OhioLINK ETD Center. You will continue to have the option to delay publication (also called an embargo) for a limited time frame, usually 1 or 2 years, to accommodate commercial publication agreements. See the Submitting Your Manuscript tab for more information.

Q. Must I publish my thesis or dissertation?

A. Yes.  Open publication of your electronic thesis or dissertation via OhioLINK is a graduation requirement at the University of Dayton.

Q. May I remove my electronic thesis or dissertation from OhioLINK?

A. No.  After your electronic thesis or dissertation has been accepted and published, and you have graduated, you may not later request removal of your electronic thesis or dissertation from the OhioLINK database.

Q. Can I publish a book based on my ETD?

A. Some students prepare books based on, or related to, their theses and dissertations. If you think you might do this, you should check with publishers in your field to determine their policies about books based on Internet-accessible ETDs before submitting your ETD.

Some publishers consider open access ETDs to be previously published manuscripts and will not consider them for publication. This is most frequently the case in the arts and humanities, and is especially true of creative writing theses. If recommended by a publisher and allowed by your program, you may wish to request a publication delay while the publisher considers your book project. See the Submitting Your Manuscript tab for more information.

Publishing an ETD on the Internet often leads to greater sales of books based on it. Indeed, having an electronic work available on the Internet, and showing a publisher a large number of electronic accesses to that work, may help you land a book contract.

Usually, books that relate to theses or dissertations turn out to be significantly changed as part of the editorial process. This makes it likely that those interested in your work will buy your book when it comes out, even if they have reviewed your ETD.

Q.  Can I still get bound copies? 

A.  Yes, you can purchase commercially bound copies of your thesis or dissertation for a nominal fee. See the Requesting Bound Copies tab.

Q.  Why does my thesis/dissertation need to be turned in so early?

A. The deadlines are in place to help you and your fellow graduates. The submission of your thesis or dissertation is an important requirement for earning your degree.  Each paper must be reviewed and approved by the Graduate School. It becomes very difficult to connect with students once they graduate if corrections are needed. It also holds up the binding process for the entire list of graduates who are waiting for their bound copies.

Q.  What if I get married and my last name will change in the middle of this process?

A.  Names must be changed with the Registrar's Office in one of three ways:

1.  Fill out "Change of Name" form and have it notarized.

2.  Go to Room 411 St. Mary's Hall with marriage certificate or picture ID that shows the new name on it, fill out the  "Change of Name" form and have it notarized there.

3.  Make copy of marriage certificate, attach brief letter asking to change the name. Be sure to include student ID number or social security number and sign with new name. Mail letter and certificate copy to the Registrar's Office.

Q.  What if I notice an error after I have submitted my printed manuscript to be bound? Can I make corrections to my manuscript? 

A. Yes, as long as the manuscript has not been sent to the bindery. It is the student's responsibility to print the corrected pages and submit them. Contact the Graduate School for more information.

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