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Introduction to PDF Accessibility

Screen Reader Testing

It's also good practice to test the accessibility of your document with screen reading software. One option is to download and install NVDA.


Here are some common keyboard commands with NVDA:

Command Keyboard Shortcut
Turn NVDA on Control + Alt + N
Turn NVDA off Insert + Q
Read next item [down arrow]
Read previous item [up arrow]
Read next paragraph Shift + [down arrow]
Read previous paragraph Shift + [up arrow]
Read next sentence Alt + [down arrow]
Read next word Ctrl + [right arrow]
Read previous word Ctrl + [left arrow]
Read next heading H
Read previous heading Shift + H
Go to next graphic G
Go to previous graphic Shift + G
Read next list L
Read previous list Shift + L
Read next list item I
Read previous list item Shift + I
Go to next link K
Go to previous link Shift + K
Activate link Enter
Read next table T
Read previous table Shift + T
Navigate table cells Ctrl + Alt + [arrow key]
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