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Introduction to PDF Accessibility

Images: Figures and Artifacts

Images, graphs, charts, and non-text elements should be tagged as Figures with alternate text. Alternate text helps users with screen readers to identify the embedded image.


Decorative images that do not need alternative text can be tagged as Artifacts.


You can use the Reading Order tool to mark images as Figures or Artifacts. Use the cursor to draw a box around the image and select the Figure or Artifact/Background.


Tagging figures and artifacts with Foxit


After choosing the tag you can right-click on the image and select Edit Alternate Text...


Editing alternate text for smiley face with sunglasses icon figure


To search for images missing alternate text, you can also use the Set Alternate Text tool from the Accessibility tab in Foxit PDF Editor.


accessing the Set Alternate text tool


For decorative artifacts and background images, you can checkmark the Decorative figure box.


marking decorative images as decorative figures in Foxit


For best practices with describing images, check out the WebAIM article on alternative text.

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