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Introduction to PDF Accessibility

PDF Accessibility Checker

PDF editing programs like Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat Pro also have built-in accessibility checking tools. The documentation in this guide covers Foxit PDF Editor since this software can be accessed by all University of Dayton students, faculty, and staff. For Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can access this documentation.


Go to the Accessibility tab and select Full Check to run the accessibility checking tool.


Accessing  the Foxit Full Check tool


This will open the Accessibility Checker options. After reviewing the settings click OK.


accessibility checker options


After running the checker, Foxit will open the Accessibility Check panel and identify accessibility issues.


Full Check issues detected


You can expand the issues and right-click for more options. Click Explain to find more information about an issue, or click Fix to remediate the issue.


Full Check issue options expanded


Note: Full Check is a quick way to check for accessibility issues, however it may not uncover all accessibility issues.


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