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Introduction to PDF Accessibility

OCR Scanning

You may need to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) if the text in your PDF document is not searchable or editable. A quick way to test is to try highlighting and selecting the text. If you are unable to select the text, then your document has not been processed by optical character recognition software and cannot be read by screen readers.


To do an OCR scan in Foxit PDF Editor Pro, go to the Convert tab and select OCR icon Recognize Text > Current File


Foxit Recognize Text tool


The Recognize Text menu opens. Select the language and choose whether to scan for Searchable Text Image or Editable Text. Click OK


Foxit recognize text options


To select/edit text, choose the Select Text and Image tool. Highlight some text and right-click to Replace Text


Editing or replacing text after OCR scannning


After a document has been OCR scanned, additional cleanup may be required.


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