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EDC 568

Citation Management Software

Bibliographic software is your friend!

The bibliographic software (also called citation management software/applications) detailed here is free. They are powerful and easy to use tools that will allow you to:

  • Arrange and export citations in virtually any format
  • Import citation information from an article database
  • Easily sync up with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice so you can seamlessly import citations and arrange reference sections)
  • Import and store a limited number of PDF which you can also notate and share (depending upon the application you choose)
  • Make notes regarding research articles, share those notes, and search those notes
  • And more...

This guide is intended to assist you with learning and utilizing the most popular free citation management applications: Mendeley, Zotero, and EndNote Online. The functionality for each of these applications is very similar and you can easily export data from one of these applications into another. 


The comparison charts below will help you compare the basic features of these citation management applications:

Comparison Chart, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Reference Management Tools: EndNote, Zotero & Mendeley, Comparison of Basic Features & Functions, Smithsonian Libraries


If you would like further assistance regarding using any of these applications, please utilize the Roesch Library's Book a Librarian service to schedule a consultation. 

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