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Inclusive Pedagogy

Disability Pedagogy and Accessibility Texts and Articles

Accessibility Tips for Library Resources

Databases which provide text-to-speech functionality:

  • EBSCOhost databases
  • Gale databases 
  • Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat both offer text-to-speech functionality which can be used for some full-text PDFs

Databases featuring translation options:

  • EBSCOhost databases
  • Gale databases
  • CREDO reference
  • ProQuest
  • Web of Science

Establishing an Accessible Environment for Library Users

  • Establish expectations: what kind of services, features, or assistance are library users accustomed to? How can these needs be met--by the University Libraries or the University as a whole? It is okay to acknowledge that the help process may look different across cultures
  • Repeating and clarifying questions or comments  may feel uncomfortable or unnatural at first, but it encourages clear communication and emphasizes to users that their needs are important to Libraries faculty and staff
  • Be aware of idioms or gestures which may not be observed by all users, or which may convey alternate meanings across languages and cultures. 
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