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Anti-Racist Pedagogy

About This Guide

This guide is intended to provide information and practical tools to assist in implementing anti-racist pedagogy practices at the University of Dayton in its commitment toward becoming an anti-racist university. This is a living guide and unavoidably reflects the biases of its contributors. As such, feedback and comments are encouraged, and the UD community is welcome to suggest resources, guides, or any other information relevant to anti-racist pedagogy by contacting

What is Anti-Racist Pedagogy?

According to Kyoko Kishimoto (2016), anti-racist pedagogy includes three components:

"(1) incorporating the topics of race and inequality into course content, (2) teaching from an anti-racist pedagogical approach, and (3) anti-racist organizing within the campus and linking our efforts to the surrounding community."

This requires going beyond addressing what we are teaching about racial injustice to how we must change our daily instruction to acknowledge and transgress the inundation of white privilege in academia. These resources are a starting point, but it will be the continued work and effort that builds your anti-racist approach to pedagogy.

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