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ENG 366


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to ENG 366 with Professor Donelson. Click on the tabs to explore the many resources available to support the research requirements for this course.

Health Literacy History

General Instructions

  1. Focus on a health inequity—a situation of unequal access, unfair treatment, unequal distribution of resources, etc. You may choose a new one or continue to explore one from a previous project.
  2. Establish a general history of the inequity. When/why/how did this situation come to be? Is information and/or literacy part of the problem? (Spoiler: it almost always is.)
  3. Research the history of the information in question and/or the literacy skills a particular population has/lacks.
  4. Create a flowchart that helps to illustrate the series of causes and effects that you have uncovered.
  5. Draft an essay that explains the process you have uncovered, keeping in mind that our interpretations of historical events are subjective. Support your interpretation with as much evidence as possible.

Types of Sources You Might Use

Essay Criteria

  • Explores the historical roots of a health inequity or disparity, focusing on how health literacy, education, and/or access to quality health information are factors.
  • Includes a flowchart depicting how HL, education, and/or access to information contributed to the current situation/inequity.
  • Cites at least 4 credible sources, including one primary source.
  • Includes visual of primary source (can be partial image).
  • Minimum length 3 pages.
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