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ENG 200: Chung

Research guide for Prof. Chung's ENG 200 class on fairy tales


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to ENG 200 with Professor Chung. Click on the tabs to explore the many resources available to support the research requirements for this course.


Understand the Assignment

Annotated Bibliography

Find 2 academic sources related to your research topic (your chosen fairy tale movie(s)) and write an annotated bibliography which examines the credibility and relevance of the sources.

Sources Location: databases accessible through the UD library website.

Researched Argument

Write a paper that makes an argument about the historical/cultural significance of your chosen fairy tale movie(s). Examine how the fairy tale movie/movies use the fairy tale materials (plot, characters, themes, etc.) critically and creatively to reveal the discourses of gender, race, class, and sexuality.

  • What makes your chosen fairy tale movie(s) important to our history/culture?
  • How does the movie's use of the fairy tale in popular culture bring out societal issues of gender, race, class, and/or sexuality?

Options 1: Analyze a fairy tale movie focusing on its representation of the traditional fairy tale elements. What kind of the fairy tale elements are employed? In what ways and to what effect? What elements are retained, altered, and/or questioned? What do such decisions to retain, alter, and/or question mean regarding the issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality? 

Option 2: Compare two or more fairy tale movies based on the perspectives and views they express, how they address or deal with common themes, represent characters, construct narratives, and address issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality. You need to analyze the movies to investigate the historical and cultural layers of meaning and thematic similarities and differences. Focus on a character, theme, motif, imagery, sensibility, etc. in determining the major point of comparison.  

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