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eCommons and SelectedWorks

An introduction and startup guide to the University of Dayton's institutional repository and faculty scholarship platform

About SelectedWorks

Selected Works, a value-added application of the repository platform, provides scholars with a means to collect their biographical information, teaching and research in one place to showcase their scholarly work, communicate with others in the field, and attract or maintain research partnerships and funding. It’s somewhat similar to the faculty biographies on department websites … but the URL is permanent, and new scholarship in eCommons can be added to it in just a few clicks.

New users: Start a SelectedWorks page

Returning users: Login here.

Add your work to eCommons first

We recommend that you always put your scholarly work in eCommons first, rather than uploading new content directly to SelectedWorks. This ensures that downloads of your work from both SelectedWorks and eCommons are recorded in one report. 

Note: eCommons complies with publishers’ copyright policies, which vary widely from one publication to another. Please consult with eCommons staff to determine what formats or versions of your research can be posted to open-access resources.

Starting a SelectedWorks page

SelectedWorks provides a way for scholars to collect all their works into one profile along with a professional summary, educational information, research interests, awards and other information. Like eCommons, it’s optimized for Google and Google Scholar.


Download the SelectedWorks User Guide.

If you already have a SelectedWorks site: Log in using your email address. If you forget your password, you can use the link "Forgot your password?" Update your information by clicking on the pencil icon next to any field you want to modify.

If you’re new to SelectedWorks: Go to and click "Menu" in the blue bar at the top of the page. Select "Sign up." Fill out the required fields, starting with your UD email address. Click "Create account." Follow the instructions from there. Note: New users will need to contact bepress customer support to make their SelectedWorks pages "live" and visible. 

Adding work: To import works from eCommons, use the button "Add work" and select "Import works." This will search the Digital Commons network (including eCommons) and identify any content that might be yours. Select the appropriate records, then follow the instructions provided.

If you have new scholarly works to add to eCommons, send them to Staff will add them to the repository, and then you can import them to your SelectedWorks page.

If you have works that do not fit in the scope of eCommons, you can upload the content directly to your SelectedWorks page using the “Upload a file” function. Click on "Add work" and select "Upload a file."

You can revise your page at any time. You can also delegate access to an assistant or colleague. To delegate administrative privileges, click on the three-line icon to the right of your name on the page banner and select "Access management." Under the "Delegate" section, enter the name and email of the person you're authorizing to manage your page.

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