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eCommons and SelectedWorks

An introduction and startup guide to the University of Dayton's institutional repository and faculty scholarship platform

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From the launch of eCommons in October 2013 to December 2021, we've logged more than 2.5 million downloads. Check out some of the ways we can present information.

Notes about submitting work

  • Don't know your rights? Most publishers today have self-archiving policies and spell out author rights. We can help you figure this out. When policies aren't known, we'll ask the publisher for permission.
  • What version can I deposit? Usually, the version you're permitted to archive is the accepted manuscript, also called a postprint. This is the final version you submitted to the publisher after peer review and revisions but before copy editing and layout. It's often a Word or LaTeX document.
  • You didn't save your postprint? Are you sure? Look again. Check in your email "sent" folder. If you only have a hard copy … that’s OK. We can scan it.
  • Always save your postprints. Did we mention that you should always save your postprints?
  • Send it in: You don't need to wait until it's published; you can send it to us as soon as it's accepted. We'll enter it into eCommons with any required embargoes and publisher statements.
  • Granting permission: We need permission from you to put your research on eCommons. That's why it's important that you request that we enter it. 



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