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eCommons and SelectedWorks

An introduction and startup guide to the University of Dayton's institutional repository and faculty scholarship platform

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Location: Roesch Library

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You can also contact your liaison librarian for research support, materials acqusition or information about eCommons and SelectedWorks.


In 2013, the University of Dayton launched its open-access institutional repository, eCommons, to store, publicize and disseminate the research and creative works produced by its faculty, students and staff. This repository is part of the Digital Commons, a growing network of repositories at colleges and universities worldwide. eCommons provides University of Dayton scholars with a permanent archive, high visibility, and tools for communication, data management, collaboration and publishing.

SelectedWorks, a value-added feature of Digital Commons, allows individuals to collect and showcase their scholarship and creative works on their own profiles.

This guide provides an introduction and startup guide for each, along with other handy information. Click on the tabs above.

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