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CMM 360: Quichocho

A guide for students conducting research in CMM 360: Principles of Public Relations


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' research guide for CMM 360 with Professor Quichocho.

Comments? Wish to schedule a research consultation? See my contact information. 


Monday, February 27

Please sit in your groups


The Basics Brainstorm / Current Knowledge / Pre-Research / Determining Your Information Needs

Start a shared Google Doc!

  1. What is the name of your campaign? And/or, what is it about?
  2. What is the industry that houses the organization/company?
  3. When was your campaign active? 
  4. What social, political and economic trends may be relevant?

In-class activity

Everyone's research will depend on the topic area and campaign. The tabs on this guide were created from the presentation requirements on your assignment sheet. See what you can find today!

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Form results

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