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MGT 490

Getting Started with Research for External Environment Analysis

External environment analyses make use of many data sources, both subscription (like databases offered through the library) and online (like government websites). This page provides recommended resources - with notes about how to use them - organized using the categories of a PESTEL analysis. This structure will help you think about the types of information you can access as you prepare for your search, and the resources can be used for all kinds of analysis - not just PESTEL!

Find information to analyze the impact of:

Political Trends: governmental leadership and change; monetary, defense, tax, energy, and trade policy; tariffs; regulation trends; pressure from lobbying and political action groups; political stability and corruption

Economic trends: GDP and economic growth (current and forecasted); unemployment rates; interest and inflation rates; stock and bond markets; income stability

Social (or Social-Cultural) Trends: demographics and consumer attitudes, values, opinions, and preferences

Technological Trends: methods of producing and distributing goods and services; new innovations in products; methods of communicating with the market

Ecological (or Environmental) Trends: climate and climate change; availability or scarcity of raw materials and natural resources; pollution and carbon regulations; environmental disasters; sustainability trends

Legal Trends: federal and state laws; consumer protections; banking, product, health, tax, and safety regulations; antitrust and monopolization laws; product labeling


Political Trends

Economic Trends

Socio-Cultural Trends

Technological Trends

Environmental Trends

Legal Trends

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