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MGT 490

Getting Started with Company Research

Prepare for Your Search

What is the complete, official name of the company? Keep in mind that a company's common name (for example, McDonald's) may not be its official name (McDonald's Corporation). When possible, use the company's complete official name as your search term.

Is the company a subsidiary? A company is a subsidiary when it is partially or wholly owned by another company. A common example is Google and YouTube, which are subsidiaries of Alphabet, Inc. In some cases, company information for a subsidiary will be published or indexed under its parent company.

Find ticker symbols. Ticker symbols are letter codes that stand for specific publicly traded companies on stock exchanges and indices. You can often use a company's ticker symbol to search databases. Find ticker symbols:

Company Profiles & Financial Information

Company profiles provide overviews about a company and their financials. Information in a profile may prompt you to search for more details in news articles, annual reports, SEC filings, or other shareholder information.

Company News & Journal Articles

News and scholarly articles can provide additional details on business activities or financial situations that you discover elsewhere. Set up news alerts for the company you are researching to stay aware of new developments that might impact your research. 

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