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Web Archiving Program

About the U.S. Catholic Special Collection

The U.S. Catholic Special Collection preserves records of the Catholic Church and Catholic life in the United States. It also supports the University’s doctoral program in religious studies focusing on the U.S. Catholic experience. This collection shows the commitment of the University of Dayton to the history and heritage of the Catholic Church in the United States and its intellectual and popular traditions. The collection is located on the third floor of Roesch Library.

The collection is comprehensive and includes retrospective and contemporary works in different languages, formats and media, as well as objects used by American Catholics in their religious practice. The collection is strong on official church documents, theology, religious orders active in the United States, school textbooks, biographies, and books and serials used or published by various Catholic immigrant groups. The web archiving program will enhance the U.S. Catholic Special Collection by allowing it to collect, preserve, and make accessible materials on American Catholicism which are available only online.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Catholic Special Collection research guide.

Collecting Scope

The U.S. Catholic Special Collection (USCSC) selects content for inclusion in its web archiving program based on its Collection Development Policy and any resource constraints. The USCSC seeks to include websites which illuminate all aspects of American Catholic thought, with a special emphasis on preserving blogs. Blogs of varying perspectives and viewpoints will be collected. The majority of the content collected from blogs or other websites should be available only online, not in a print or physical format.

Due to resource constraints, permissions, and scope, not everything can be harvested. If you would like to recommend a website for archiving, please contact the U.S. Catholic Special Collection. 

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