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Citing Sources

Works Cited & Bibliography

1.  Book
Author Last Name, First Name. Book Title. City of Publication: The Publisher, Publication Date.

2. Anthology/Book Chapter
Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Selection/Chapter.” Book Title, edited by Editor Name, page numbers. City of Publication: The Publisher, Publication Date.

3. Online Database
Authors Last Name, First Name.  “Title of the Work.” Publication Information. Website Address. (Date of Access).

4. Work from a Website
Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of the Document.” Website Name. Website Address. (Date of Access).

In Text Citations

1. In the Text
In his discussion of Monty Python Routines, Crystal notes that the group relished “breaking the normal rules” of language.6

2. In the First Note Referring to the Source (At the bottom of page)
6 David Crystal. Language Play. October, 1998, pp. 107-108.

3. In Subsequent Notes
Sources number consecutively throughout the paper, but if a source repeats later in the paper, shortened information can be given.
David Crystal, Language Play. p. 110

4. Additional Reference Immediately Following the Same, Already Documented Source
6 David Crystal. Language Play.    October, 1998, p.107
7 Ibid. p. 109

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