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Avoiding Plagiarism


This guide is intended to assist students in understanding academic integrity and more specifically, issues associated with plagiarism.

University of Dayton Honor Pledge

The University of Dayton Academic Honor Code: A Commitment to Academic Integrity

I understand that as a student of the University of Dayton, I am a member of our academic and social community, I recognize the importance of my education and the value of experiencing life in such an integrated community, I believe that the value of my education and degree is critically dependent upon the academic integrity of the University community, and so

In order to maintain our academic integrity, I pledge to:

  • Complete all assignments and examinations according to the guidelines provided to me by my instructors,*
  • Avoid plagiarism and any other form of misrepresenting someone else's work as my own,
  • Adhere to the Standards of Conduct as outlined in the Academic Honor Code.

In doing this, I hold myself and my community to a higher standard of excellence, and set an example for my peers to follow. Instructors shall make known, within the course syllabus, the expectations for completing assignments and examinations at the beginning of each semester. Instructors shall discuss these expectations with students in a manner appropriate for each course.

Source: Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2014-2015

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