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REL 566: Marian Dogmas

Finding Books - A Deeper Dive into your Topic

After you've accumulated a few keywords, you can use them to locate books, journal articles, and webpages.

Scholarly books are not written like popular novels, where to understand the fifth chapter, you need to have read the first through fourth chapters. When reading a scholarly book, you'll notice that some sections may be more relevant to your studies than others. When working with this kind of text, it's OK to jump around or narrow your focus to one or two chapters that specifically address your research.

Popular books can also be useful, but be careful to check for sources (if there are any) if you find something interesting that you'd like to include in your project, and compare them with scholarly sources: is a key fact presented in one book absent in the other? Which book is using citations? They may also lack an index, table of contents, or other wayfinding information.

In addition, books can be great places to seek out bibliographies and reference lists! The authors and editors are pulling their information from a variety of sources, which can be valuable as you gain more knowledge.

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Scholarly Books

These books are reference works on Mary that cite strong sources and cover a broad range of topics within Marian theology and Marian studies, including dogmas. Look for them in the Marian Library's reading room on the seventh floor of the library building during the library's open hours or in the course reserves for this class.

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