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EDT 660

Suggested Subject Terms

In order to find empirical articles in UDiscover or other databases, you'll want to define your keywords or search terms, and also add a SU delimiter identifying a type of research.

For example, if you wanted to read the research including experimental studies on the efficacy of some reading intervention, then one search term could be "explicit vocabulary instruction" and the SU delimiter could be : Experimental Groups.

In another example, if you wanted to read qualitative research on vocabulary instruction, one search term could be "explicit vocabulary instruction" and the SU delimiter could be "Qualitative Research".

Other terms to try include: 

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Observation
  • Experimental Groups
  • Control Groups
  • Pretests Posttests
  • Diaries
  • Statistical Analysis

Meet the Booleans (AND OR NOT)

You can combine words in your search to make it more specific (AND, NOT) or broader (OR). For example:

AND      math AND technology        Searches for both terms.

OR        college OR university         Searches for either term.

NOT      reading NOT oral               Searches for reading but NOT oral reading.


Most databases use a special character (wild card) to search all the possible words for a given suffix.

Web of Science uses *; the library catalog uses * for 1-5 characters and ** for unlimited characters.

comput* would search:

  • computer
  • computers
  • computation
  • computational
  • computing
  • computerize, etc


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