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This guide is intended to assist with locating research in the multidisciplinary field of sustainability.

Ordering Materials Via Interlibrary Loan

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At the University of Dayton, you have access to millions of materials held by external university libraries. You can order research articles, books, DVDs, and many other items through interlibrary loan.



Requesting an Article Through Interlibrary Loan

Requesting Items Through OhioLink


Requesting and Retrieving Interlibrary Loan Articles

The University of Dayton has access to millions of resources via loans from other academic and research institutions. Below are the steps needed to request a research article via interlibrary loan (ILL). This demonstration uses the Web of Science database but the steps are applicable to any University of Dayton article database. 

Electronic article requests typically take one to three business days but times vary. You will be notified when your article is ready to be viewed via your email. You can see your current ILL requests by going to and selecting "Interlibrary Loans."


Step 1: Click "Find It" Button

 Step 1: After finding a research article that you want to view, select the yellow "Find It" button to locate the journal article



Step 2: Request item through interlibrary loan link

 Step 2: If UD has access to the article you will see a link, if not, you will be presented with an option to request the item via ILL. To make this request, click the "Request this item through interlibrary loan" link. 



Step 3: Login using your UD username

Step 3:  Login using your University of Dayton username and password.


Step 4: Fill out personal information form

Step 4: If this is your first time requesting an item through ILL you will be prompted to fill out the "Change Personal Information" form.

Note: If you are NOT a faculty or staff member in the field titled "Building and Room number" put in "N/A." After the form is filled out, click "Submit Information."


Step 5: ILL auto-fill form 

 Step 5: The ILL request form will auto-fill so all you have to do is click "Submit Request." Journal articles are often delivered in PDF. You will get an email notification when the item is ready.



Step 6: Retrieving your request


Step 6: You will receive an email notification that your file is ready. To access your delivered electronic files or to view your active ILL requests, go to and select the "Interlibrary Loan" tab on the left side of your screen (if you're not using a mobile device).

Note: You can view your active requests by clicking on the "Outstanding Requests" link.

To view or download the electronic articles that you have received click the "Electronically Received Articles" link and then select the "View" link.



Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 1

Step 1: Do a catalog search for an item that you are looking for.


Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 2

Step 2: If "No Entries Are Found" you can search for your item through OhioLink. OhioLink is the greater Ohio consortium of universities. Click the OhioLink button.

Note: You can also search across participating Ohio public libraries by selecting "Search Ohio."


 Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 3

Step 3: After clicking the OhioLink button, you will be taken to the OhioLink catalog. Select the item you want in the catalog. In our example, the book that we want is the first item listed.


 Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 4 

Step 4: After completing the previous step, you will be taken to the item record within OhioLink. You can see a list of all of the universities sthat have a copy of the item that we are looking for. At this step, simply click the "Request" button.


 Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 5

Step 5: Select the University of Dayton from the dropdown menu.


 Requesting Items Through OhioLink Step 6

Step 6: Log into your University of Dayton account

Select your "Pickup Institution" from the dropdown menu as the University of Dayton

Indicate your "Pickup Location" from the dropdown menu (either the Roesch or Law Library). 

Click the "Submit" button

Note: You can see your interlibrary loan requests by logging into you library account. You will receive an email when your item is available. 

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