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MKT 301: Eichler

Promotion & Advertising Research

Promotion is the 4th "P" of the marketing mix. Promotion is about communication to consumers and includes advertising, media, and marketing channel strategies that deliver information to target audiences and influence a decision to purchase. 

This page provides key sources of information and data for developing your promotion strategy.

Promotion requires that you have already identified your target consumers and researched product and market trends in your industry. 

Start Here: Audience Research

The tools in this section are your 'best bets' for getting started. Make note of what you learn - you can use information from these sources as evidence in your marketing strategy, and as search terms in library databases or web searches to find additional details.

Mintel Reports

Mintel Reports are excellent resources for identifying appropriate marketing channels by audience:

  • Consumer Insights sections of all reports describe consumer values and information seeking behaviors
  • Competitive Insights sections detail key marketing and advertising trends, including channel success 
  • Demographic-Based Reports provide a wide view of different groups' purchasing behaviors, media consumption, and appropriate marketing channels


Statista reports can be used to understand the impacts of different forms of marketing and advertising and lead to more informed decisions and further research ideas. 

  • Start with a keyword search: terms like promotion and digital advertising will show you a large list of results, which can help you brainstorm different search terms. Influencer Marketing and similar channel-specific terms will provide more specific reports.
  • Review some high-level reports: starting broadly can give you an idea of what's available. A few suggested starting points are:

Learn More: Advertising Industry Publications & Associations

Trade and professional associations are rich sources of information for business and marketing research. These organizations are frequently comprised of field experts who collect data and statistics and publish reports, articles, and other resources focused on a specific topic.

Trade publications are industry-specific periodicals, news sites, magazines, and journals, where industry practitioners and scholars publish on current topics and trends.

Remember, there is no such thing as perfect information! Although all of the sources on this page are librarian-recommended, you should still always evaluate what you are reading for quality and accuracy.


Trade Publications

Trade Associations

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