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UDI 200 / EXP 315

Industry research is critical to understanding companies, products, and markets - especially in global contexts. Industry analysis involves the economic, market, political, and financial factors that influence (or are influenced by) an industry, and is often the first step in company and market research.

Preparing for Your Search 

Identify and clearly define the industry of interest. Many industries are made up of a blend of small and large companies, and some large companies operate in multiple industries. Begin by brainstorming keywords - and think about related terms. Databases may use different terms for the same or similar industry.

Look up industry designation codes. Many business databases can be searched by NAICS (rhymes with 'snakes') or SIC code. Searching with these codes can help narrow in on sources about a particular industry. To identify a NAICS code, search for an industry or company in one of these sources:

Find Industry Profiles

Industry profiles contain overviews and analysis of a category of business. Some industry profiles will be very broad and some may be more specific. For best results, search with an industry classification code (e.g., NAICS, SIC, etc.) or industry keywords rather than a company's name.

Find Non-Profit Information

Find Data and Statistics

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