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ENG 271: Li

Scholarly Articles - Following the Conversation

Academic journals and scholarly articles typically represent the reporting of the most current research in a given field. Whereas books may represent the amassed knowledge on a given subject, they often suffer from long publication times, and by the time they're published and distributed, there is often new research and knowledge in that field. For the most up-to-date look at your subject, look for scholarly articles in an academic database! 

Where to Find Research Articles: Recommended Databases

Using Find It!


Once you find a citation that looks interesting, click on the Find It! icon to see if the article is available. The article may be ...

  1. Available in Print.  Our journals are available for request to check out at Roesch Library.  Be sure to note the journal name, article title, volume number, issue number, pages, and year of publication. Request through the library catalog or ask at the Services desk.
  2. Available Electronically.  If an article is available online, you will see a yellow highlighted section on the top, left side of the screen.  Click on the yellow highlighted words.  From the next display, look for a PDF link. 
  3. Not available.  If an article is not available in print or online, you may order an article through interlibrary loan.  On the right side of the screen, click on "Request this item through interlibrary loan" and a new tab will open to UD's Interlibrary Loan page. If you have not previously registered, you will need to complete an initial form.  Repeat the steps to request an article. 


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