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STEM Online Teaching Resources

STEM resource guide for online teaching and virtual labs


This guide is intended to provide instructors in the STEM fields resources for remote instruction, including online courses and virtual labs. Where possible, we have included free or Open Educational Resources (OER). Any items with a cost associated will include the designation *PAY*. Keep in mind that this is a living list, and not every single resource has been tested for functionality—some may require old or obsolete internet technology such as Java or Shockwave to operate. Please contact us with any additions or to report broken resources!

Inclusive Online Teaching and Learning

Beyond finding online resources to compensate for traditional classroom and lab activities, the University of Dayton Libraries are committed to promoting resources for inclusive and equitable online instruction. We hope these tips will assist with the already-great challenge of moving your class or lab online!

For more resources, please visit the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resources Guide.

Interdisciplinary Resources

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