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SSC 200: Berry


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to SSC 200 with Dr. Berry.  Use the left-side links to explore the many resources available to support the course information needs.

Peer-reviewed Empirical Research in the Social Sciences

Primary sources in the social sciences differ from those used in the humanities. This page from Drew University points out what primary research articles in the sciences look like.  

LaSalle University also has a useful page that describes empirical articles.  

Characteristics of peer reviewed primary sources include the following: 

  1. Report original research, ideas, or scientific discoveries for the first time
  2. Report results/findings/data from experiments or research studies
  3. May also be referred to as primary research, primary articles, or research studies
  4. DO NOT include meta-analyses, systematic reviews, or literature reviews.  These are secondary sources
  5. Should explain the research methodology used (randomized controlled trial, etc)
  6. Frequently include methods, results, and discussion sections
  7. Are factual, not interpretive

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The video below also explains more about primary peer reviewed sources.  Although created for the sciences, the video also shows that articles from the social sciences share many of the same characteristics.

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