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Troubleshooting Printing Issues

This guide offers tips on how to troubleshoot a variety of issues that can impact a student's ability to print using the library's printers.

Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Troubleshooting Flowchart

Flowchart asking troubleshooting questions to help resolve printing issues in the Roesch Library

Getting setup to print at UD

The first step to troubleshooting issues with printing is to understand how printing is designed to work on campus.

Printing on UD's campus printers requires a little bit of setup to get started. There are a few main things to setup to be sure you are ready to print:

  1. Associate your UD ID with a campus printer (one-time only)
  2. Make sure you have funds in your FlyerExpress account to cover the cost of printing your job
  3. If you are working on your own personal Windows laptop, download the Mobility Print Printer Setup application which will allow you to send print jobs to UD's FlyerPrint printers.
  4. Select a FlyerPrint printer (e.g. color or grayscale) when it's time to print
  5. Release your print job at the printer or remote via

UDIT's helpful knowledge base articles on Getting Started with Campus Printing at UD and Using Campus Printers offer a good overview of getting started.


Why isn't the document I printed showing up at the printer?

There could be a number of causes for this. Here is a checklist of possible solutions to work through to help students figure out the cause of their specific issue:


Does the student have enough funds on the FlyerExpress account to cover the cost of printing?

Students can check their balance and manage their accounts at



Does the document have an excessively long filename?

Occasionally, when printing documents from preview mode in a web browser, as you might if you opened an email attachment in Gmail and printed directly from the document's preview, the filename sent to a printer can be excessively long. This can cause a print job to stall.

SOLUTION: Save the document to the desktop, click to open it, and try printing again.



Was the student's print job sent successfully to the UD Print service at

It's possible that the student successfully submitted a print job but just hasn't released it to a printer yet.

SOLUTION: Ask the student to log into (Note: there should be a desktop icon on public workstations). The student should see any print jobs sent associated with the UD username. From there, they can release it to a printer.

If print jobs are not displaying on, check for the next steps:



Is the student connected to the UD Network?

After logging into a campus workstation like the ones in the Roesch Library Labs, a browser window will automatically open to with a prompt for the student to log into the campus network. It sometimes takes up to a minute for this browser window to open so if a student is quick to retrieve a document and try printing it before fully connected to the network, their print job might not have been submitted.  

SOLUTION: Open a new web browser and navigate to After logging in successfully, the student can try printing the document again.



Is the student printing to the current FlyerPrint UD printers?

If the student has a personal device that was previously configured to print to the old FindMe printers, they will need to remove and add the newer FlyerPrint printers to the list of available printers on their device.

SOLUTION: The process for adding/removing UD printers differs for Mac vs. Windows computers, and UDIT has two helpful knowledge base articles on how to do this:



Is the student logged into the UD account on the workstation?

If a student does not log off of a public workstation and then another student comes along and begins using it, anything they attempt to print will be associated with the first student's session. Therefore, the second student will not be able to release jobs at the printer because they will not be associated with their account.

SOLUTION: Ask the student to save their work, log off the computer, and log back in before printing the document again.


How do I print from my own laptop?

Windows users

Follow the steps to download and install the Mobility Print Printer Setup application. This will allow you to print documents to UD printers from your personal Windows laptop.

After successfully submitting a print job, you can release it to a UD printer.


Mac and iOS users

The FlyerPrint printers will appear automatically as options for Mac and iOS users. However, there are some unintuitive steps that deserve special attention:

1. Select the appropriate FlyerPrint printer (e.g. greyscale or color) from the Printer menu. 

Screenshot of a Mac printer dialog box with the flyerprint_greyscale printer highlighted


2. When prompted for a login, enter your UD username and password, NOT your personal Mac username and password.

A Mac dialog box prompting a user for their username and password


3. If you do happen to enter your Mac username instead of your UD username, you will notice that the print job will show a status of "Hold or Authentication". Click the refresh icon next to the printer status. This will reopen the login prompt so you can try again with the UD username and password.

Screenshot of a print job status showing the message "Hold for Authentication"


4. After entering your UD username and password, the print job will show a status of "Printing - Accepting".

Screenshot of a print job status window showing the status "Printing - Accepting"


5. After successfully submitting a print job, you can release it to a UD printer at


How do I release my print job to the printer?

After a student has successfully submitted a print job, it needs to be "released" which will take it out of the general print queue and sent directly to a specific printer. This can be done in two ways:

  1. By walking over to the printer, swiping one's UD ID card to sign in, and releasing the job from the printer's "Print Release" screen
  2. By remotely releasing the print job using the website

The UDIT knowledge base articles linked here provide step-by-step instructions with illustrations for both of these methods.


Can I print documents I have stored on a USB flash drive?

This option is not supported on the library printers. Although there are slots on the printers for USB flash drives, that option is disabled.


Why aren't the FlyerPrint printers showing up when I try to print?

On the Lab Workstations

Sometimes, due to a technology management issue such as a campus-wide software update, the FlyerPrint printers do not appear as options when choosing a printer on the public workstations in the Roesch Library Labs.

This should always be reported to the ISDA team so that the team can investigate the cause with UDIT and ensure we can find a solution that addresses the issue for all lab computers. However, as a short-term immediate solution, there is a small program installed as a shortcut on all the Roesch Library Lab computers called "Install Local Printers". Double-clicking on this will automatically add the FlyerPrint printers to that workstation and allow the student to select them as options for their print job.


On a Personal Computer


Follow the steps on UDIT's knowledge base to download and install the Mobility Print Printer Setup application. You will be able to select the FlyerPrint printers as part of the setup process.


Students can add FlyerPrint printers in their Mac's system preferences:

  1. Click on the Apple icon and select Systems Preferences.
  2. Click on Network and then click on the network service you are using, likely Wi-Fi.
  3. Click the Details button next to the name of the network (eduroam or UDConnect) and turn off "Limit IP address tracking." Refer to this Apple support article regarding Private Relay for more information.
  4. Go back to System Preferences and click on Printers & Scanners.
  5. Click on the "+" icon to add a printer.
  6. Select one or both of the FlyerPrint printers (e.g. greyscale or color) and click Add.
  7. Return to the document and print again. The FlyerPrint printer will now show up as an option.


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