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HSS 428: Evidence Based Practice

What is Evidence Based Practice?

Evidence Based Practice (you may also see "Evidence Based Medicine" or EBM) is a process of life-long, problem-based learning. According to Sackett et al., "It's about integrating individual clinical experience and the best external evidence" (1996).The process involves:

  • Converting information needs into focused questions.
  • Efficiently tracking down the best evidence with which to answer the question.
  • Critically appraising the evidence for validity and clinical usefulness.
  • Applying the results in clinical practice.
  • Evaluating performance of the evidence in clinical application.

(image from the Skeptic's Guide to Emergency Medicine

This guide provides a high-level overview of EBP, from forming a searchable clinical question to assessing your search results. Continue to the next section titled "Focusing Your Question" to learn more about using PICO to write a question that will deliver results!


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