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Common Academic ProgramDiversity & Social Justice
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Social Justice/Inequality

This section is focused on the concepts of Social Justice/Inequality, navigable by level of proficiency:

  • Beginner: "Examine the term social justice from multiple cultural perspectives."
  • Intermediate: "Understand the ways in which social systems create and perpetuate social inequalities."
  • Advanced: "Develop equitable solutions to respond to injustices and inequalities."

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Social Justice Resources

From Domains/Dimensions Related to Diversity:

Students will be able to understand the difference between equality and equity, and key concepts and principles of the Catholic-Marianist intellectual tradition as they relate to diversity and social justice. Students will also explore different definitions of social justice in religious and secular social philosophical traditions throughout the ages.

From Domains/Dimensions Related to Diversity:

Students will assess how marginalized groups have been subject to injustice by current or past systems, institutions, or practices. Student will analyze systems, institutions, or practices that obstruct social justice. In addition, students will explore ways to interrogate and acknowledge historical influences of oppression and inequality to marginalized peoples, as well as how those systems are linked to current contexts and practices. 

From Domains/Dimensions Related to Diversity:

Students will be able to propose and pursue constructive and equitable responses to injustices. Students will be able to apply information and knoweldge from the past to help create equitable responses in the present.